Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Venus Rising

rage, rape, rain
humid stifling guilt
strangled by confusion
shadows pulled over light
sheets drawn over hollow orbs

just orbs-not I's
clenched tight against the darkness
forced only by exhaustion
to face the dawn

toward the only door i see



familyair face


hearing the cold beating clink of your lock
and the rusty slide of your chains
i shiver in dazed confusion

what form
of fear did you recognize
at your door

eye see shells
held close they echo
the sound of waves......

waves begun by ages past......
birthed long before
the ripples of pain

i dentify
exoskeleton of survival
washed away by time
nurtured in the depths
caught up in a raging current
of storming need

i dentify
as my Venus rises from the sees
Grace dons
my shimmering robe
of Voice

finding my shore
i reach and open the door
My Door......
left open to feel the breeze
and the warmth
of the Son

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  1. Interesting poem.