Monday, August 30, 2010



From my devotional this morning:

"We are "called according to His purpose", not according to the need, or the fact that the door is open, or that our talent will be appreciated and well rewarded. Your vision must fulfill your God-ordained destiny, nothing else."

"The only thing worse that being blind, is having sight but no vision."  Helen Keller

Look within me---what moves me?
Look behind me---what are my life's experiences?
Look around me---who have I surrounded myself with?
Look ahead of me---where do I want to go? what do I want to accomplish?
Look beside me--what resources do I have readily available to me? what do I feed myself with?
Look above me---what is my Father's purpose for me today and the rest of my life?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

mag 29

Breath held still against the wind
fearing a single breeze would
reveal the empty pane
that frames my hidden desire
to find

written for Magpie Tales

Monday, August 23, 2010

St. Teresa of Avila

"God alone is enough."

"Let nothing upset you,
let nothing startle you.
All things pass;
God does not change.
Patience wins
all it seeks.
Whoever has God
lacks nothing:
God alone is enough."

Saturday, August 21, 2010


what is the sound of heaven?

triumphant horns
or a breeze tossed chime

the laughter of a child
or maybe-
the whisper of love in your ear

a symphony of frogs
on a black bordered, starlit night

i think it all of these
-and none

Thursday, August 19, 2010

For Sheri

You never know how the smallest word of encouragement may turn someones day or even life in a totally different direction.

I have a blog friend, Sheri, who sent me several messages of encouragement.

There is an area outside my sun room that was recently destroyed by a storm. I had created a beautiful shade garden that was suddenly filled with afternoon sun. All the hard work of planting ferns, hostas and impatiens was ruined overnight. I was despairing about it one morning blog and Sheri responded with an understanding word of encouragement.

Probably without knowing how much her words affected me-I decided to make the most of the hand I'd been dealt. This new outlook spilled over into so many areas of both my garden and my life (much to the despair of my neighbor :) I busted up old stones that lined symmetrical borders. I also built a river bed--mostly dry but able to channel rain (or tears) when needed.

So I've been working hard to make the most of the area that means so much to me. I could ramble for paragraphs about what this experience has taught me...turning shade into sunshine....busting up established borders... But this post is about gratitude.

Right now I just want to dedicate my garden to Sheri.

entry to the garden

new path leading into garden

area outside my serenity room
(shaded now but soon to be filled with sun)

view from my serenity room

Thank You Sheri for being you!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mag 27

once sparkling and new-
the threads of our joints
moved and intertwined

joining one another
without effort

creating a union
that was unique
to us alone

serving a purpose
that only we-
two parts joined as one-
could serve

but time and age
brought inevitable

no longer able to
seperate without
one or both crumbling

a union once necessary
-now old
-no longer serving the grander purpose
possibly forgotten

except by us

for Magpie Tales

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I opened my eyes this morning and the demon of depression was perched at the foot of my bed...I knew he would be there....even clamping my eyelids shut and turning the other direction did not outwit him. He is quick and stealthy....always able to anticipate my every move....and thought.....

"if only they loved me"...."what is it about me that caused them so much disappointment?" he whispered in my ear............

a song suddenly appeared out of the shadows of my mind-
"All we need is love....da,da,da,da,dah.....All we need is love"

"NO!" a voice within me responded--"ALL WE NEED IS ACCEPTANCE".


Acceptance.......i wanted to write a poem about acceptance.
Forcing myself out of bed and grabbing a cup of coffee, I headed to the sunroom with journal and pen in hand. As I searched for a fresh, clean page to unload my thoughts...I reread some of my writings over the last few weeks. I've been reading a book called "Entering the Castle". The most recent chapter has been on spiritual graces that we need to meditate on and develop.  The list consists of: compassion, harmony, wisdom, love, endurance, humor, patience, healing and vision.

I reread my own writings: 

vision-the "acceptance: of circumstances before everything works out for the best"
harmony-"accept what I have now"
healing-"acceptance of myself with all my flaws...allow things to flow through me. I don't have to evaluate everything--nor am I responsible"
endurance-"coming together with harmony, vision and healing...planting my feet/heart firmly on the rock of Jesus Christ--the giver of all....the Lord of creation".

Looking up I notice the demon is gone.......I accept this exceptions! 
   n  Heart,chill
ed air,
Rain n the
held a tArm's
unAble to
and life'sP ain
S train n the

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Window Lickin'

Recently I decided to allow myself some emotional freedom...sort of a "think outside the box" approach....

My new approach to life has manifested itself mostly in my yard.

I dug up all the symmetrical paving stones that defined the borders of the beds. I smashed some, turned some on their side and placed some upside down---trying to achieve a "crumbled foundation" look.

I love it but evidently my neighbor does not. He's one of those guys whose shrubs are all perfectly rounded, trimmed and evenly matched.

Yesterday I discovered that he had rearranged my stones back into their original symmetrical fashion. At first I was angry but I decided to just rescatter them in my very askew fashion. Then I sat back to watch his response as he arrived home.


He actually came up to me and said my new bed "looks like somebody just dumped some rocks and left them". I  thanked him and told him that was the look I was trying to achieve.

As he walked away, I sat back down to enjoy my creation and realized this new outlook on life may seem a little crazy to some.

Then it came to me....

"I'm window lickin' on the short bus of life"

the glass is cool 
the sensation on my tongue
ignites a feeling within me
that i long to explore

the bus is yellow---like the sun

my destination is unknown
but.....i don't care

i'm enjoying the ride

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Soul Sharing

Recently I've taken up reading the archived posts of the blogs I follow. It has been especially fascinating to watch individuals evolve in the blog world. It also gives a special insight to new found friends that I probably will never meet. I can say for myself that blogging allows me to safely reveal parts of me that I normally would not share because of my insecurity. There is safety in anonymity (and so far I've only received acceptance). Suz recently called it "masterbation of the soul"...very well put!

Last night I was drawn to a new site authored by Templeton's Fury. If you suffer from depression or deal with someone dealing with depression, I highly recommend this blog. Especially her earlier works done in June and July. She is absolutely masterful with her words in describing depression and also has a great sense of humor depicted in many other posts.

Anyway, I would like to thank everyone who shares their hearts and makes themselves vulnerable by opening their lives me. It really helps me with my healing process and to diffuse the bomb of isolation.

P.S.  If you really want experience an awesome evolution.....go back and read some waystation one early works.

Happy Blog Day to Everyone!!!!!