Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day

It's been a while since I last posted. Actually, I was drawn back to the blogger world by a friend's new blog site and couldn't resist glancing at my own.

It feels like it's been decades since I visited my old friend and yet somehow I feel younger.

Today is a blessing from God. Snowbound  due to work being closed (oh how I love this state job) and "forced" to sit here in my favorite room, in by favorite chair, doing my favorite thing-----nothing. Actually, I have filled the bird feeders and surrounded myself with books and laptop. Outside my window is a winter wonderland of downy quiet accented by cardinals, finches, sparrows and occasionally a woodpecker. I even saw a robin that was so fat it is a wonder he can fly. Heaven on earth for me. It would be perfect except for the fact that my husband is home and schools are closed.

You see, both my husband and my granddaughter are the type of personality that when given a moment of silence they feel the overwhelming need to fill it with music, words or television. When that no longer fulfills their needs, they insist on "doing something" which consists of dressing, driving (cursing traffic) and spending money. After which, I am filled with resentment because I am physically and emotionally exhausted and guilt ridden for wasting a day doing something I didn't want to do and spending money I didn't need to spend. But not wanting to be selfish, I usually try to negotiate for some alone time and then spend the rest of the day acquiescing.

As usual, after a cup of joe I insisted on some time alone in my sun room in order to gather my thoughts and spend some time with God. I closed the french doors but the glass allowed me to watch them begin to circle after about thirty  minutes. Feeling the tension rising in me, knowing what was to come.....I opened the doors. Both were perched beside me within seconds and demanding to know what I wanted to do. Since I usually respond with: "what do you guys want to do?"....they were both surprised when I replied with: "I'm doing it.". My husband gave me an indignant smirk and stated that before the end of the day he was going to "do something"-implying I was wasting a perfectly good day.  I replied with "do you think that reading a book and watching birds is doing nothing?". No response. My granddaughter started to cry because she wanted to go shopping and was sent to her room.

As it turns out, I am once again alone, except for my Yorkie, doing what I love best---nothing. My husband is soaking in the tub (with a magazine) and my granddaughter is in her room drawing.

Most amazing of all..........we all seem content.

Kudos Amy---let's visit the Keurig one more time.


  1. Ahhhh... welcome back to the blogosphere! I have missed you. I am also enjoying a lazy day around the house... reading, sitting by the fire, and trying out a new "healthy" recipe. I love snow days! Hope yours ends with as much tranquility as you experienced when this was posted.

  2. hope you find more time for doing 'nothing'!