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mortal enemy
mortal mind
mortal sin
mortal sin/venial sin
mortality rate
mortality table
mortar and pestle
mortar board
mortar fire
mortar ketch

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mor·tal   /ˈmɔrtl/ Show Spelled
[mawr-tl] Show IPA


1. subject to death; having a transitory life: all mortal creatures.
2. of or pertaining to human beings as subject to death; human: this mortal life.
3. belonging to this world.
EXPAND4. deadly or implacable; relentless: a mortal enemy. 5. severe, dire, grievous, or bitter: in mortal fear. 6. causing or liable to cause death; fatal: a mortal wound. 7. to the death: mortal combat. 8. of or pertaining to death: the mortal hour. 9. involving spiritual death ( opposed to venial): mortal sin. 10. long and wearisome. 11. extreme; very great: in a mortal hurry. 12. conceivable; possible: of no mortal value to the owners. COLLAPSE


13. a human being.
14. the condition of being subject to death. .

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1325–75; Middle English < Latin mortālis, equivalent to mort- (stem of mors ) death + -ālis -al1

—Related forms

mor·tal·ly, adverb

non·mor·tal, adjective, noun

non·mor·tal·ly, adverb

post·mor·tal, adjective

post·mor·tal·ly, adverb

EXPANDpre·mor·tal, adjective pre·mor·tal·ly, adverb un·mor·tal, adjective COLLAPSE


6. See fatal. Unabridged

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World English Dictionary

mortal (ˈmɔːt ə l)

— adj

1. (of living beings, esp human beings) subject to death
2. of or involving life or the world
3. ending in or causing death; fatal: a mortal blow
4. deadly or unrelenting: a mortal enemy
5. of or like the fear of death; dire: mortal terror
6. great or very intense: mortal pain
7. possible: there was no mortal reason to go
8. slang long and tedious: for three mortal hours

— n

9. a mortal being
10. informal a person: a mean mortal
[C14: from Latin mortālis, from mors death]


— adv

Could one correctly use the term "emotionally mortally wounded?"
are a waste of time, fluid and energy
is a wasted emotion
"mortally wounded"
especially at the hands of those most trusted
even if in relation to an emotion
passed and released into another realm---
no longer to exist
Survival can only exist by acknowledging "loss"
as in the loss of an arm or a leg
There are those who have
achieved some type of acclaim
in spite of such a loss
I have no desire for acclaim
or survival
I can only acknowledge "loss"
I can only pray for direction....
"Lord!!!!! How do I even move?"

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  1. Humans are so fragile, aren't they?

    And yet in some strange twist, their frailty is their strength.