Saturday, July 31, 2010

Theme Thursday

hands on the wheel of my life
course confidently mapped-
i found myself


into the unexpected
flailing with fear
swallowed whole
longing to breathe and
desperate for direction
struggling alone
against the unknown


against hope

the hand of innocence appeared
initially stubborn to accept the offered choice
of survival
only exhaustion forced me
to surrender
reaching for the hand of a child
she pulled me into the Light--
into the heart of God
baptized in the sea of unconditional love

this is a Theme Thursday tribute to my granddaughter who has "temporarily" lived with us for almost 4 years


  1. beautiful...i made it to the light, i just had to step through the dark to get there...but i am glad the light found me...smiles.

  2. it's truly amazing to hear what God will use to bring us back from the brink of destruction! i can only imagine what a precious little gal she must be :) i thank God for her and for the rescue that caused you to live and love that light :) this was so beautiful, so transparent...written from the heart of the woman i admire!!