Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Soul Sharing

Recently I've taken up reading the archived posts of the blogs I follow. It has been especially fascinating to watch individuals evolve in the blog world. It also gives a special insight to new found friends that I probably will never meet. I can say for myself that blogging allows me to safely reveal parts of me that I normally would not share because of my insecurity. There is safety in anonymity (and so far I've only received acceptance). Suz recently called it "masterbation of the soul"...very well put!

Last night I was drawn to a new site authored by Templeton's Fury. If you suffer from depression or deal with someone dealing with depression, I highly recommend this blog. Especially her earlier works done in June and July. She is absolutely masterful with her words in describing depression and also has a great sense of humor depicted in many other posts.

Anyway, I would like to thank everyone who shares their hearts and makes themselves vulnerable by opening their lives me. It really helps me with my healing process and to diffuse the bomb of isolation.

P.S.  If you really want experience an awesome evolution.....go back and read some waystation one early works.

Happy Blog Day to Everyone!!!!!


  1. what a beautiful post! i love to read a blog where someone special in your life is being honored...makes me want to go there quickly and try to see what it is that you see :) each blogger has so much to offer and it's especially wonderful when someone can touch your heart and maybe, never even know it!
    i've followed brian and suz for some time but have never read templetons fury...i'll let you know what i think when i come back the next time ;)

  2. makes me happy to "hear" happiness in your "voice"!

  3. the bomb of isolation... (the words of a writer)
    I will think of you everyday
    and smile
    because I love an honest woman
    I shall shilly shally over and visit fury