Thursday, August 12, 2010

Window Lickin'

Recently I decided to allow myself some emotional freedom...sort of a "think outside the box" approach....

My new approach to life has manifested itself mostly in my yard.

I dug up all the symmetrical paving stones that defined the borders of the beds. I smashed some, turned some on their side and placed some upside down---trying to achieve a "crumbled foundation" look.

I love it but evidently my neighbor does not. He's one of those guys whose shrubs are all perfectly rounded, trimmed and evenly matched.

Yesterday I discovered that he had rearranged my stones back into their original symmetrical fashion. At first I was angry but I decided to just rescatter them in my very askew fashion. Then I sat back to watch his response as he arrived home.


He actually came up to me and said my new bed "looks like somebody just dumped some rocks and left them". I  thanked him and told him that was the look I was trying to achieve.

As he walked away, I sat back down to enjoy my creation and realized this new outlook on life may seem a little crazy to some.

Then it came to me....

"I'm window lickin' on the short bus of life"

the glass is cool 
the sensation on my tongue
ignites a feeling within me
that i long to explore

the bus is yellow---like the sun

my destination is unknown
but.....i don't care

i'm enjoying the ride


  1. my gut response is...that's my mom!!! ;-)!!

    ps...i wanna come, too!

  2. wow...some nerve of that neighbor... gave you a chance to be victorious and stick it in his eye!