Wednesday, April 28, 2010

just like everything else in my life
i was a late bloomer
when it came to riding a bike

i preferred the safety
of my little sister's tricycle
and the steadiness of three wheels

the twins, ricky and ronnie,
(the bully monsters that everyone had
in their neighborhood) made fun

i had a crush on ricky, he
was the CUTE one

and he rode a bike past my
house every day

so i mounted my steed
and pedaled my way across
the lawn

initially, my motions were jerky
but soon i was maneuvering
and turning with ease

my confidence grew

the next morning i
couldn't wait to ride past
the twins house

my heart almost choked me
when i noticed ricky in the front yard

he laughed

i held my head high
as my heart hit the banana seat

but i rode on up the hill
and enjoyed the breeze in my hair
and the sun on my face

and i still ride a bike


  1. The memories we remember the best are anchored by the feelings we carry with them. -J

  2. it seems his loss and your gain. smiles.

  3. Poor Ricky. Couldn't recognize a brave woman when he saw one. Or...maybe in that boyish way was just too "ah shucks embarrassed" to do anything but laugh. But you, dear girl, rode on and are still riding. You win!

  4. Great Post! I like it. thanks for sharing

  5. I love this! I really liked the line "my heart hit the banana seat." Those crushes can be the greatest things to happen to you, or the worst things! Great post!

  6. It's never too late to enjoy the bike...