Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday Coffee

I sit here in my robe-
late-- on a Saturday morning
raindrops are hurling themselves at my window
and thunder is filling the air

I love it!
Bring on the storms--
the nitrogen that fills the air
will coax my roses to open
and sing for me

Coffee in hand
and the kitchen a wreck
I am so content sitting here
reading my fellow bloggers:

perspectives on life
a great story
a poem that humbles my soul
the sadness of a broken heart
the struggle to raise children
...and the joy of looking into their eyes...
...the awakening of their minds
the success of a good run
beautiful pictures

All in All

Life is so good!

May God bless this
wonderful nation of ours
and may He always grant us the
freedom to have a
day of peace and


  1. love the roses pic!
    love reading that 'life is good'!!!

  2. hey there...just popped over from magpie tales and your link there is takes you to a random free web name site...