Thursday, June 3, 2010

Brian at waystationone wrote a piece the other day about a child I assume was in foster care.
I can't stop thinking about that child....what does the future hold for someone tossed around by life void of love and security?

eyes bloodshot
body tweaking
begging for the
absolution that only a
chemical can bestow

modesty long lost
lifestyle apparent
i am instantly behind
the wheel of judgement-
ready to remove society
of it's burden

then you touch my hand-

my first instinct is to withdraw...
who knows what
lingers there?

thoughts invades my conscience...

you were once a child...
did anyone ever care?
did anyone ever hold
your hand when it was small?

slowly i release your grasp...

walking away
trying to breath through
the hand of judgement
my shame


  1. he is in foster care...he is a sweet boy...though he can be quite dificult, but i think a lot has to do with attachment, he has been passed around so much he has a hard time trusting...a wonderful got the feelings right....

  2. thank you for hosting such a moving piece here.