Monday, June 28, 2010

Magpie Tales

My bristling youth
strove for perfection
and glistened with innocent

But years stained the palette
and yellowed the page...
while innocence faded
to dusk

Though youth now recedes-
and tarnish with age
though frames become wrinkled
with time

The jar by my bed
will hold joy of my life-
his hand gently cradled
in mine

written for Magpie Tales


  1. this is a beautiful write....lovely..bkm

  2. Bristling youth...hey, I remember those days!

    Lovely Magpie.

  3. The inevitable aging process ... your Magpie is nicely written.

  4. beautiful magpie...loved how you brought it seasons change so does love...but i like to think it all the richer...

  5. I like the image of bristling youth and how you develop it here.

  6. Really liked you transitions from 'bristling youth,' (great image btw) to tenderness, 'gently cradled in mine.' beautiful magpie!

  7. I liked "but years stained the palette and yellowed the page" ..... Nicely done!

  8. This is beautiful--your page is so tranquil. I'm glad you took your daughter's advice. I too thought most online social groups were mostly about insecurity and the need for attention, and some are, but then I saw how God is using this to reach so many that otherwise would not even know that their struggles are shared and that they are loved. Some never leave their homes due to being ill or being a caregiver. God knows how to use everything for His glory when we give it to Him. I guess that's the difference--sharing our lives but keeping the focus on Him and what He's accomplishing through all of it.

    I look forward to visiting. I love to collect quotes so I might take some from you if you don't mind. These are awesome. Thank you for stopping by my little corner too.