Thursday, March 18, 2010

I wonder what percentage of individuals wake up one morning and realize that they have never heard their own voice (there is a poem in there but I can't find it right now....)

This could possibly be political, professional, spiritual or personal.

Suddenly I feel as though I have lived my life for others.

That includes God and I believe I should live for God....but is it my God or someone's interpretation of God?

Certainly I believe in God--Jehovah God--the One and Only God. And I believe in Christ as my Saviour.

I believe that everything is subject to one's interpretation. But are we going to be held accountable for the origin of our interpretation?

And my political, professional and personal lives....are they what I want or what someone, somewhere told me I need?

Suddenly I feel as though I've emerged from a a plant opening from a seed. I wrote a poem about that once. It must have been prophetic.

I know I have a strong personality-otherwise I would never have survived so much abuse in the past.

But who am I now? What do I really want to say? How do I want to live what little life I may have left?

Whatever is before me............I am tingling with anticipation!!!!!
photo: floriana barbu

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