Wednesday, March 17, 2010

right now i am just loving the way blogging allows a glimpse into the lives of others. viewing intimacies of those mostly unknown to me through this wonderful medium. sometimes, i find myself driving down the road and i see a light on in someones house. i begin to wonder what was going on in that particular home at that particular moment.......are those unknown to me happy, sad, angry or content? are they hungry or enjoying a feast? how does their family interact? is it loving, kind, giving or is there strife?

blogging allows that sense of voyeurism in me to be satisfied and i find it fascinating.

today i glimpsed the wonders of children of all ages... a mother who must be beside herself with fear for her grown child's life while he serves our country on the other side of the world... a mother homeschooling her children and teaching them the joys of nature. i peered into the minds of mothers who have children with autism who find the smallest gestures joyful. i read the words of mothers and fathers who are so gentle, kind and generous! i am able to read poems written from the hearts of those across the country and across the world. i'm allowed an intimate view into and from many people i probably will never meet and i WONDERFUL! i'm so thankful to you all and blessed by your sharing of yourselves and your families.
photo: "serenade" by melina galchina


  1. i was just telling someone a couple of days ago about how i never thought blogging was for me...but i also love sharing with others, being encouraged by them, and gleaning from so so so many of them!

  2. It is a great release and a wonderful reward. I love these little glimpses as well and bloggers have begun to populate my prayer list. What a blessing to be able to pray for a virtual stranger. (pardon the pun)

    Praying your day today is the best one yet!

  3. Hiya !
    That picture defines it well.....


  4. I love Escapist line:

    "life is a Masterpiece and journey for me"

    So well said!!!!