Saturday, March 27, 2010

I'm hugging the prayers of those I would never have known except for this medium. Thank You Lord for the many blessings You send my way each and every day! You are great beyond comparison and i am so blessed to have you as my Father, Saviour and King!

I'm never really sure how to include the Holy Spirit in my prayers. i suppose it is that Spirit that allows me to have a voice of thank You most Holy of Spirits for giving voice to my praise!

Thank you for Devoted and her gift of prayer, granolachic for her devotion to relationships, and Bugs for just being Bugs to her family and mine..... Please bless Waystation and may he feel the healing within his body and soul. And Lord...for Escapist....please meet the needs of her most precious and individual soul. Solar P is one of a kind and I ask for many blessings on that family.

Betsy and her 5 men are so special and I ask a kind Look and Nod from You.

May I use this time to glorify Your name. i ask Your intervention in my spiritual, physical and work families. Please forgive my short comings, esp. at work.

Please bless my marriage and all marriages in these most difficult of times?!?

and Thank You for the pictures of m. geistweite and his prowess behind a camera.


  1. love the tone of your post - contagious!

  2. Ahhhh....what a blessing to read this post this evening! :-D I love all flowers, and was named for Saint Theresa... the little flower saint... however, my favorite is the Hydrangea.