Sunday, March 7, 2010

What DO I say tonight? What Font, What size, italics or bold, to indent or not indent, centered or right sided..................What?


My children, my offspring, my begotten, my loves....the ones who have always been there--whether it was a mouth to feed or a smile to be cherished--the ones who looked to me for sustenance, acceptance and confirmation that they had worth---both finished their first half-marathon.

That may not sound like much to you but, if not, well, I can only assume you never ran 13.1 miles... ah hump....without stopping.

Now I must say, I have two of the most amazing kids on earth anyway. They both have more personality in their smallest toenail than most people can muster in a lifetime. Nevermind that they have overcome my addictions and the fact that I kept them in an abusive relationship for over a decade. Let me take that could I have the nerve to say "nevermind" to something like that. MIND!!! MIND!!! They MINDED. But they OVERCAME because that is what my awesome children do---they overcome.

MIND the fact that my daughter was abused and is now the most awesome mother and wife that I know! She has friends that are truly---rare and genuine treasures---because she is a rare and genuine treasure. She is able to give of herself like Christ intended us all to give. And she does it without hesitation--to anyone in need.

MIND that my son who was also abused is one of the most respectable individuals I know--especially among men! In spite of the example he grew up with, he came away from the relationship knowing exactly what kind of man he did NOT want to be. Not only did he overcome the example set for him, but he exudes the kind of man God wants him to be.

Do I take credit in this or do I take blame?

My flesh wants to roll around and gloat! My flesh says that they are just the cloth from which they were cut. My flesh......yes, my flesh. My flest is convicted and humbled. If I speak of humility is it genuine?

My flesh comes from my parents. Yes, my parents.... My parents....

You know, the bible banging, antipsychology- i can't tell them my diagnosis----parents. Yes--my parents are the ones I must give credit at this time.

There are some values that are deep within the substance of my genetics that have somehow surfaced from within my offspring.....and I can say most wholeheartedly.....Thanks Mom and Thanks Dad! Any credit i take only comes from your instillation of His Holy Spirit. And that is something you both did well!


Give unto
the ones you love
the best you have
right now.

Plant a seed
and it will grow.
Just know that
God is near.

The vine
that only You
can sow--
is all that
needs to

And tender leaves
look toward the Son-
the gift of
Life is grown.

My dearest Lord, have mercy on all parents and help us to know the precious gift(s) You have given. Forgive those who forsake the gift and help us to avail ourselves to You to help shine a light and give hope to the little ones who have been forsaken.


  1. you make my heart sing. love you mom...with all of my heart...may i always make you proud!