Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ever Changing Perspective

I have a grandson who is autistic. At least, he is on the spectrum. I sometimes hesitate to say "autistic" because he is so high functioning and I wonder what the families of those who are....what is the word?....more severe.....anyway, what those families may feel-- knowing my grandson is so high functioning when their child/children aren't. There are so many emotions involved with any kind of disease process, but in my case, most especially those that are classified as a mental/behavioral illness.

Anyway, two of my grandchildren had their first visit to the dentist today and one is autistic. It was a morning packed with unrest and prayer. My daughter was beside herself with anxiety. BUT, prayer reigned supreme and the entire event unfolded beautifully. GOD IS GOOD!

Afterwards, my thoughts crept toward calling on God to heal my grandson. I initially longed for my daughter to be able to make an appointment for her children and not have to plan for days how to pull it off without some kind of emotional breakdown....either on her part or his!

Then the thought occurred to me..."what am I asking God for"...." a normal child".....and "just what is a normal child".

For you J Bob

Please someone turn the light on!
There’s darkness over here.
My precious one is suffering
And cannot understand.

Please someone turn the light on!
There is no way to see,
Or hear or taste or feel,
What God’s creation be.

Why wont the light come on now?
Does any really care?
That some are not all they can be
And life is full of chains.

But then I ponder what would come
Of laughter I hold dear…
And arms that gently touch me
And genuinely care.

The brightness of that laughter,
The tenderness of love,
His trusting soul in God’s great plan
Is truly from the heart.

So wait…. just light a candle,
The light from God will show
The Way of truth that is contained
Within this special soul.

So thank you Lord for who You made;
My special little one.
The light that comes from his sweet smile
Is all I really need.

So if I were given the option of making him normal and loosing those traits I cherish...would I proceed???? ........Most emphatically not! Please forgive me my daughter... but most emphatically not! I love them ALL just the way they are.

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  1. i love that poem!!! no forgiveness necessary...i wholeheartedly agree! he is as God created him to be...and amazing and precious well spring of love!