Saturday, May 22, 2010

dear God

something clicked in my brain yesterday

i felt a spark of joy
(i'm afraid to fan it into flame)

is happiness held in my head
waiting for you to flip the switch or

is this chemically induced

or both

am i healed

or am i waiting for another flip
of the switch

        You guide me beside still waters
        You restore my soul
        yea though i walk through the valley...

with you there is always

with hope there is always

where there is light
there is an origin

where there is an origin
there is an end

of all things good and bad

and you said....

        "Let there be light,"
        and there was light.
        You saw that the light was good,
        and you separated the light from the darkness.

        The light you called "day"
        and the darkness you called "night"

        And there was evening
        and there was morning---
        the first day.

thank You God
for my

for my spiritual origin
for my earthly origin
and now
for my emotional origin

give me the wisdom,
to live this day
in integrity

and when it comes...
the night

but most of all

thank You God
for this
you call

with love



  1. that is wonderful...
    so much i have to thank Him or myself...
    even on rainy days.


  2. lovely poem,
    God is the most reliable source in life...

  3. this is exquisite. you've expressed what my own words cannot and i embrace you for your transparency, and for allowing yourself to be so vulnerable, before the One who loves you so much...and us.