Monday, May 17, 2010

Mood of the Day

Walking away
from the pricks and barbs
of life
Toward the light
of solace

the reality
of dreams


  1. thanks for visiting my Magpie
    and for your nice words...I see you like poetry
    I have a suggestion...Do you know the works of the poet, Jane Kenyon? She was bipolar...suffered depression all her life. She lost her life to leukemia. She is was an excellent poet. She makes real the journey through life with living with bipolar. Look her's tough reading, some of her poems..but they are beautiful in an honest way

  2. ...and what a beautiful journey you're on!! your photo is stark but your words are full of a quiet hope.
    thank you so, so much for all your support and encouraging words, you can't believe how good it feels to have someone hear you, i mean REALLY hear you...and the 'follow' made my day too ;)

  3. Lovely as usual! Love the clematis and dianthis at the top of your blog. May God bless you richly this night. :-D

  4. Suz, thanks so much for the Jane Kenyon suggestion. I loved the few I read and can definitely identify. P.S. I am also an infant gardener and loved the pics you recently posted.