Thursday, May 20, 2010

there is a custodian where i work
(environmental services i suppose i should say)

he wouldn't care if i called him
a janitor

i don't know his name

he is a man of color

he has a caribbean accent

he is gray on top

and he is always


he is so genuine

when he says "how are you?"
he stops
and waits for an answer

he means it

i wonder...
what is his story?

how lucky he is

i bet his mother was always smiling
...and singing
i bet she was singing

i wonder....
how does he do it?

how does he

does he know how lucky he is?
(he's a janitor for God's sake)

does he envy me
and the salary i make?

there is no envy in him

only in me


  1. good morning :) i've been gone for a few days, helping my daughter move this week...i'm surprised at how many of your posts i've missed!
    i loved this, your words painting such a beautiful picture of one person who has changed the world.
    your post reminds me of something charles schultz one said. he was commenting on remembering famous peoples, ie., nobel peace prize winners, miss america winners, hockey teams that won the cup, hollywood winners. he pounded the fact home that although we love these people, we easily forget them in comparison to those who made a difference in our own lives! that first kiss, a favorite teacher, your hairdresser...or a beautiful man with a broom and a smile that will light up the whole room ;)

  2. I just come home from Academic All State Award Ceremony, My older son wins the award among 100 students around the state, it is $1000 in cash.
    I am so very tickled by your lovely comment.

    Thank you for the encouragement.