Friday, May 14, 2010

Ruby Nell

Sitting on the front porch
playing "I spy"
while shelling peas
(shelling peas was fun then)

Playing in the dirt for hours
...matchbox cars and old spoons
... she worked the garden

Following behind
Shoes with holes
and faded dresses---
pedaling produce
at the local grocer

Shucking corn in the kitchen
Eating homemade, hot biscuits
slathered with sorghum molasses

Wringer washers and threats of
crushed limbs

"As the World Turns" for her
"Dark Shadows" for us

Standing at the stove...
always cooking, canning, freezing

Chocolate pies
with meringue-perfectly browned
spilling over the edge

No fancy dishes
Nothing that matched
Except her beautiful, blue eyes

Ruby Nell

for Magpie Tales #14--


  1. ... and my grandmother too! Loved this.

  2. oh, i can't tell you how quickly your words transported me back to a time i rarely recall anymore. your magpie was charming and full of warmth for days that i wished would have never ended!

  3. 'Nothing that matched
    Except her beautiful, blue eyes.' Wonderful take on Willow's dish.

  4. that was beautiful...i have such fond memories of shucking peas and matchbox cars in the dirt...esp with gramma...

  5. What a wonderful grand ma she was, I loved this and took me back to my youth, shelling peas were fun then, especially if you could pop a few in your mouth when grand ma's back was turned!

  6. This was so beautiful and certainly brought back a myriad of memories from years ago! What a visually inspiring piece!!! I love this!

  7. I miss my Granny...her love for life, watching her stories, her smells, the texture of her hair...the way she made me feel.

    I miss my Nana...cokes, cookies, candies...what we could not have at home. :)

    LOVED THIS POEM. Thank you for the journey you sent me on today.


  8. I loved this! It could be titled Rose Etta, my grandmother...she did not watch anything on television except the news and she used an old wood stove. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  9. So many memories with that pattern. Amazing. Your words tell many that I recognize.

  10. very elegant poem!
    what a fantastic magpie!

  11. Nothing that matched
    Except her beautiful, blue eyes

    I loved loved this! Great Magpie and memory. It is a memory right?

  12. "Dark Shadows", yes! Beautiful and rich tribute to Ruby Nell...thank you!

  13. what a rich poem. It took me right back to shelling peas with my grandma on our front porch in Florida, my mama's biscuts and jam. You have a real talent for portraying the scene. Great Magpie!

  14. What a beautiful tribute to your grandmother!